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These pages only refer to information which is specific to learners selected to participate at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF).

Selection for the Eskom Expo International Science Fair is only for learners in grades 6-12. The ISF event is held in the public school vacation between term 3 and term 4 of the public school calendar.

Each exhibit is given space of maximum 1.5m table length and an Expo display board. It is compulsory to use the display boards provided at ISF events.

It is compulsory to have the following at ISF:
Poster made up of A4 pages
Scientific Report
Dated journal
Folder of official forms: signed plagiarism form, signed research plan, abstract, survey permission letters (if relevant), and supervising scientist letters (if relevant).
NB: A copy of the abstract must be displayed on the table at ISF.

Size and dimensions of the display board at ISF:

  • Height: 1m
  • Left side: 50cm
  • Middle: 1.5m
  • Right side: 50cm

Eskom Expo ISF Poster Layout

isf poster layout

Awards at ISF

Projects are judged and finalists could be awarded medals.

Special awards

There are many prestigious special awards presented by interested organisations at the ISF prize-giving ceremony.

Special awards are given by a separate set of judges using independent criteria which are not the same as the Eskom Expo criteria.

There are numerous awards made by special interest groups such as:

  • Best development project
  • Best energy project
  • Best female project
  • Best energy efficiency project (energy cost-saving covered in all categories)
  • A science lab for both a rural primary and secondary school
  • International trip to a science fair or science forum

Some finalists from ISF are selected to participate in international science fairs in other countries.

Please note that participation at international science fairs is strictly for selected individual learners and invited Eskom Expo officials. No exception will be made.


If selected to participate at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair, test the prototype
and redesign, rebuild and retest the new prototype or test the hypothesis again and
make sure that more data is collected to support the hypothesis.


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