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Referencing means that credit is given to the various sources used when writing an assignment/report. A reference list should include any documentation that is not one’s own. All sources should be arranged alphabetically according to the surname of the first author.

The references should be written in the following order:

Author’s surname and initials, year of publication, title (underlined or italics), edition, place of publication, publisher. This is the Harvard style of referencing. Other referencing styles are also acceptable.

  1. Books: e.g. Kritzinger, A.A.C and Fourie, C.M.W 1996 Basic Principles of Financial Management, Cape Town, Juta
  2. Journals: Journals should be written in the following order: author’s surname and initials, year of publication of the journal, title of article, title of journal, volume, pages.
    e.g. Manning, T. 1996 “Three steps to the future”, Human Resources Management, 12(8), 8-9
  3. Chapters in books: e.g. Smith, R.J. Comparative themes in higher education, in “Trends in High Education” edited by J.N. Green. London: Benton
  4. Newspaper articles: The reference should be written in the following order: year, newspaper, date and month, page. e.g. 1908. Business Day. 25 June: 7
  5. Internet referencing: Munmun De Choudhury et all (2016) Characterizing Dietary Choices, Nutrition, and Language in Food Deserts via Social Media Available at: accessed: 06 March 2016
  6. Theses and Dissertations e.g. Smith, R.H. 1998 Critical Theory and University Transformation. DPhil thesis, Rhodes University, Grahamstown
  7. Info on Referencing and Photos For more information on Harvard Style referencing and referencing of visual material (images/photos) please visit the following websites: and


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