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Entering A Regional Expo

Regional Expos are usually held between July and August each year. Interested students and teachers should contact their nearest Regional Science Fair Director or visit our website
for more information, especially as to which grades may enter a Regional Expo.
Ensure that entry forms are fully completed; that the information is clearly readable and that the project is entered in the correct category.
Any project done must fall under one of the Expo Categories.

NB. Not all gold medal winners at regional level will be selected to participate at the Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF)

Points to remember:

  • Bring the following to put up the display: staples, temporary adhesives (e.g. Prestik), masking tape. DO NOT USE DOUBLE SIDED TAPE.
  • Bring an extension cord if one is needed for the model or any apparatus that needs 220-volt electricity to work.
  • Do not include any live animals, insects, spiders, fish and plants in the display. Photos and video clips may be shown instead. Do not include any animal or human body parts at all. 
  • Burning of any substance or use of open flames as part of the display is prohibited.
  • Do not leave valuable items on display. The organisers will endeavour to make sure that things are safe at Expo, but will not be responsible for any losses.
  • No chewing gum during interviews.
  • Switch off cell phone during interviews.

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