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STEP 2: Do a research plan

Every learner should type a research plan which should be submitted to the teacher/mentor/qualified scientist at the beginning of the project for approval. This research plan shows how the learner intends to do the project and so it is written in the future tense. The length of the research plan should be between 2-4 typed A4 pages.

Research plans for ALL projects must include the following:

  1. Question or problem being addressed
  2. Hypothesis or Engineering Goal (Engineering projects only)
  3. Description, in detail, of the method to follow (scientific method projects) or the procedures to follow (engineering projects) that will answer the questions asked or solve the problem posed.
  4. The following are important and key items that should be included when formulating ANY AND ALL research plans:
    • Procedures (method)
    • Scientific Method Projects: Variables: independent, dependent and at least controlled/fixed or 

      Engineering Projects design of first prototype
    • Data analysis: how to analyse the data
  5. Bibliography: List the three (3) most important references (e.g. science journal articles, books, Internet sites) that were used to get information about the topic. This information must be referred to in the introduction (Part 1 above).

Check this website to ensure that all sources are referenced correctly:

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