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In South Africa, Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is affiliated to the National Science and Technology Forum www.nstf.org.za and has links with SciFest Africa, the annual Science Festival in Grahamstown www.scifest.org.za.

Internationally, Eskom Expo for Young Scientists is affiliated to:

  • MILSET, the International Movement for Science and Technology Activities, www.milset.org , which arranges ExpoScience Internationale;
  • Society for Science and the Public, www.societyforscience.org , the organisers of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair;
  • WYRE, the Worldwide Young Researchers for the Environment, www.wyre.org , organisers of the international WYRE Competition.

At the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists National Finals, exhibitors are selected to participate in Science Fairs and Seminars arranged by:

Related Sites

Stellenbosch region http://www.sun.ac.za/stbexpo
Cape Town Expo for Young Scientists http://www.expo.wcape.school.za
Schoolnet http://www.schoolnet.org.za/
Discovery Science Fair Central http://www.school.discovery.com/sciencefaircentral/
Northern Gauteng http://www.sciencexpo.org.za


Sites Of Interest

Inventors Sites

The SEED Foundation of Schlumberger Limited www.slb.com/seed

A lead to chemistry round the country and around the world can be found at the Rhodes University site http://www.chem.ru.ac.za/links.html

Please let us know of interesting inventors that you might meet, so that we can introduce them to other young scientists through our website.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists would like to thank the New Zealand SPCA for allowing us to use information within their website

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