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Judging at Eskom Expo for Young Scientists (Expo)

Be part of a group of enthusiastic academics and professionals from across the country who apply their specialist knowledge and skills as they support aspiring young scientists in 35 Expo regions by assessing learners’ projects, first at District and Regional level, and then at the International Science Fair (ISF).
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Who Judges at Expo?

Expo targets practicing professionals, for example, engineers, doctors, veterinarians, school teachers, lecturers, researchers, scientists, mathematicians, IT professionals etc. Natural Scientists registered with SACNASP, IT professionals registered with IITPSA and teachers registered with SACE can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and other professionals can get credit through their professional bodies.

To qualify, a candidate should meet the following criteria:

  • Be in possession of a qualification in any field of scientific inquiry, including natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, medical sciences, engineering and IT;
  • Be a specialist or practitioner in any field of scientific inquiry;
  • Be in possession of a teaching qualification in any field of scientific inquiry.

Expo would also like you to use your experience and expertise to mentor young scientists in need of guidance, especially in previously disadvantaged areas. Let us know how you can help.For any enquiries contact the ISF Judges Administrator at

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Become a District/Regional Judge

The first step to becoming a District/ Regional judge is to undergo Judges Training.

Registrations for 2020 are now closed.

Contact your RSFD or PC near you for further information. Their contact details can be found here:

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Here you can download all the latest documents
Code of Conduct
Judges Pledge
Guidelines for Assessing Expo
ISF Declaration of Conflict of Interest
AF: Mathematics Theoretical
AF: Scientific Investigation
AF: Engineering Comp. Science
AF: Social Science