Eskom Expo for Young Scientists opens 2024 registration

Registration to take part in the biggest Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation (STEMI) Expo on the African continent is open.

Learners in grades 4 to 12, and those in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges (NC2 to NC4), are invited to register their Eskom Expo projects by clicking here. Learners who have previously registered can click here to log in and update their details.

Participating in Eskom Expo opens up numerous opportunities for learners, and goes beyond just conducting research and experiments. Eskom Expo is an opportunity to cultivate invaluable skills: from honing research methodologies to developing networking capabilities with fellow young scientists, engaging with cutting-edge technology, and staying abreast of the latest research trends.

Eskom Expo also serves as a platform to enhance presentation skills, offering a chance for learners to articulate their findings effectively. Additionally, participants have the prospect of gaining recognition nationally and internationally, and stand a chance to earn coveted awards.

2023 Highlights

The Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF), which took place in October 2023, saw a total of 330 local young scientists compete alongside 20 international peers representing Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and Türkiye.

The 2023 Top Senior Scientist, winning a R75,000 cash prize, was Likitha Chundru from Bryanston High School in Johannesburg. Chundru used a novel method to increase the germination and growth of non-legume plants using Rhizobium spp. Bacteria. Her meticulous attention to detail and rigorous research methods impressed the Judges at the ISF. Chundru’s findings will help farmers produce major crops within shorter time frames, making significant contributions to global food security.

Inge Higgins from Die Hoërskool Menlopark in Gauteng was awarded the 2023 Top Junior Scientist award, winning a R50,000 cash prize. Higgins’s research was entered in the Environmental Studies Category. She investigated the effect biodegradable olive-pulp plant pots had on the germination, and early growth of Afrikaner, Namaqualand Daisy and Sunflower seeds. In addition, she found that probiotics further accelerated the germination of these seeds. Higgins went on to compete in the Buca International Music, Science, Engineering Energy Fair (IMSEF), which took place in İzmir, Türkiye in November, where she was awarded a Silver medal.

Other prizes awarded at the ISF, included full and partial bursaries, cash prizes, laptops, tablet computers and the opportunity to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) during Nobel Week.

Crawford International Ruimsig learner, Brandon de Greef, was honoured with the prestigious University of Pretoria- Derek Gray Memorial Award at the 2022 Eskom Expo International Science Fair, where he won the opportunity to attend the SIYSS in December 2023, following a successful showcase of his ground-breaking research project, titled “Powdered Insulators for High-Voltage Applications”.

2024 Activities

Eskom Expo activities this year will include:

  • Workshops: hosted in each province around the country which are designed to provide guidance, support, and training to teachers, learners, and judges interested in participating in Eskom Expo.
  • District Expos: where learners receive valuable input from a team of experts to improve their research projects and is a pre-selection to the Regional Expos. District Expos in 2024 will be compulsory qualifying rounds for Regional Expos. All participants must have qualified through a District Expo in order to participate in a Regional Expo. THIS IS NEW.
  • Regional expos: events organised at a regional level where young scientists have the opportunity to showcase their completed research projects.
  • Eskom Expo ISF: the prestigious annual event that provides a platform for young scientists to showcase their research projects at a national and international level.

Dates for all activities will be announced in due course.

Learners are encouraged to start working on their research projects, which should fit within one of the 13 Eskom Expo categories. Learners who need a launch-pad can click here [Update Research Plan post & link] for a plan to get started with their research plans.

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There are 6 comments
  1. Musamawande Gwala

    Good afternoon,
    I am a learner in grade 11 and I have recently decided to enter the Science Expo. I have read that the registration had opened on the 15th of January 2024, but I cannot find the closing date. Please kindly assist me in informing me on the date. Kind regards.

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      There’s no specific closing dates. First draft of research is to be presented at a District Expo in May/June, to proceed to Regionals in July.

  2. Aphiwe Bembe

    Hi I want to register on the science expo

  3. Koot Pieterse

    I am a teacher at Kirkwood High School, Eastern Cape. I have been informed that meetings have been held in Grahamstown and Graaf Reinet. For me it would be a full day outing with school kids to attend those.
    I want to enter a few kids for the expo. Have I missed the bus, or can I still get projects registered?
    I have downloaded all the guidelines from your web site.


    Thank you for considering my requested.

    Gugu Dlamini

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