Eskom Expo opens online registration!

Registration to participate in Eskom Expo for Young Scientists’ is now open!

Learners in grades 4 to 12 may register their own projects by clicking here. There are various prizes up for grabs, including bursaries and special awards.

Projects may be registered even if not completed. Learners can register and upload their documents at a later stage.

Feedback will be provided to learners within 14 days of submission, for those that require help. Submissions will be open until the end of the academic year. However, we urge learners to register at their earliest convenience.

Eskom Expo has to use an online assessment process, due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and lockdown, and its effect on the education system currently, and the rest of the 2020 academic year. All Eskom Expo regional science expos, science camps, workshops, as well as the International Science Fair (ISF) had to be cancelled for the year.

This decision came after exhaustive consultation with various entities, and has been taken in line with safety measures during lockdown and post lockdown.

Further information will be communicated to you via our many social media platforms as well as the provincial coordinators (PC) and regional science fair directors (RSFD).

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