Exceptional research awarded at Mthatha Regional Science Fair

Outstanding young researchers from the Mthatha region were recognised and celebrated for their remarkable research endeavours during this year’s highly anticipated Eskom Expo for Young Scientists regional finals.

A turnout of 152 learners in grades 4 to 12 from the region gathered to present their research projects at the Zingisa Comprehensive High School on 11 August 2023. The evaluation of the 109 projects on display was carried out by 83 judges, comprising educators, specialists, scholars, and avid Eskom Expo supporters.

Sobulumkom Nkohla, a Grade 11 learner at Khanyisa High School was awarded a Rhodes University Bursary; while Amange Ndonyela, a Grade 10 learner at Khanyisa High School was awarded a R5,000 voucher by RS South Africa for their outstanding research projects. Fetile Sibahle and Malindi Khethokuhle, Grade 11 learners at Ncuncuzo Senior Secondary School were awarded the Continental South Africa Award.

Eskom Expo’s Eastern Cape Provincial Coordinator, Fredy Mashate, said: “We believe that the development of young scientists is an ongoing process, and closely related to scientific research. We are keen to see and support a continuous development pathway for our young scientists as they continue on their research journey. We also wish to extend our gratitude to the sponsors for their generous contributions, as well as their steadfast backing of Eskom Expo and the development of science, technology, engineering, technology and innovation (STEMI) fields in the country.”

Five exceptional young scientists were awarded the prestigious Eskom Special Awards at the region’s awards ceremony. The learners, who received Bluetooth speakers, were:

  • Best female: Lisakhanya Maliwa, Grade 12 at Nyanga High School
  • Best innovation: Vuyiswa Thuto Bakadela and Lina Michael Nodali, Grade 9 at Zinyosini Senior Secondary School
  • Best energy project: Daniel Owusu-Ansah, Grade 9 at Umtata High School
  • Best development project: Sandise Lingani, Thomas Ntaba Secondary School

A total of 41 learners received bronze medals, 21 were awarded silver, and 18 received highly esteemed gold medals. Learners from Umtata High School secured the highest number of gold medals, and overall medals at the event.

Eskom Expo Executive Director, Parthy Chetty, said: “Eskom Expo contributes to the overarching strategy to foster skills development, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and innovation (STEMI) at the school level, finds its cornerstone in the event we are here to commemorate. This event not only provides a platform for gifted young scientists to exhibit their cutting-edge innovations but also exposes them to a realm of captivating career prospects in diverse scientific fields. The impressive projects showcased by learners, particularly those who have triumphed over previously disadvantaged backgrounds and girls, serve as a testament to the boundless potential of our future. We extend heartfelt congratulations to all the medal winners and offer our sincerest wishes for even greater achievements at the much-anticipated Eskom Expo International Science Fair (ISF)”.

Advancing learners from the region will have the opportunity to compete against the country’s most exceptional young scientists at the ISF, scheduled for October 2023. This prestigious event offers participants the chance to win prizes, bursaries, scholarships, and various other opportunities. Moreover, learners stand a chance to be selected to present their research and innovations at international science fairs held in the United States of America, Asia, Europe, and across Africa.

For dates and venues of upcoming regional science fairs, click here.

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