Wednesday Workshop: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Eskom Expo presents the Weekly Wednesday Workshops in Collaboration with STEC@UKZNSTEC@UKZN.

For this week’s Wednesday Workshop, Dr T from STEC@UKZN, will be demonstrating a series of experiments looking at how the different waveforms in the electromagnetic spectrum can be detected, what uses they have and explaining some of the science behind them.

Topic: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Date: 18 November 2020

Time: 15:30

Register here:

Participants can either join Dr T and do the experiments live or they can watch the demonstrations.

Those participants doing the experiments with Dr T, will need the following:

– A CD or DVD

– A light source, e.g. room light, flashlight, sun

– A TV remote control

– A webcam, or cell phone camera

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