Register to take part in Eskom Expo for Young Scientists

Registration to take part in the biggest science expo on the African continent is open. Learners in grades 4 to 12, along with learners from TVET colleges that are in NC2 to NC4, are invited to register their Eskom Expo projects by clicking here. Learners who have previously registered can click here to log in and update their details.

Taking part in Eskom Expo can offer a variety of benefits for learners, including the acquisition of research and experimentation skills; networking with other young scientists; learning about cutting-edge technology and research; improving presentation skills; and gaining recognition and awards.

The 2022 Eskom Expo International Science Fair, which took place in December, saw a total of 253 of South Africa’s top researchers and innovators compete alongside 17 international young scientists from Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mexico, Mozambique, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

The top senior Eskom Expo scientist, who was awarded a R75,000 cash prize, was Yu Tang Shan from St John’s College in Johannesburg, for the research project entitled: “SMARter: Soil Moisture Artificially Intelligent”. The top junior Eskom Expo scientist, who was awarded a R50,000 cash prize was Minje Le Roux from Durbanville Primary School in Cape Town, for the research project entitled: “Tricky Traffic”.

Other prizes included: full-time and partial bursaries, cash prizes, the opportunity to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar during Nobel Week, laptops, tablet computers, work-based exposure during school holidays, along with licenses to use Robot Simulation software and eLearning.

Eskom Expo activities this year will include workshops hosted in each province around the country, along with research and innovation camps, district expos (where learners receive valuable input from a team of experts to improve their research), followed by regional expos. Dates for all activities will be announced in due course.

Learners are encouraged to start working on their research projects, which should fit within one of the 13 Eskom Expo categories. Learners who need a launchpad can click here for a plan to get started with their research plans.

A number of resources and templates are available to assist learners with their research projects. By using the Expo for Young Scientists App, learners have access to the latest e-learning project management software for creating robust project experiences. Expo has various activities to engage with learners, teachers, judges, regional science fair directors and provincial coordinators sparking discussions and inspiring new ideas.

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There are 39 comments
  1. I’m so happy to be in the expo.

  2. Unathi mthembu

    Hi I would like to register for the eskom expo for Young scientist I would like you to help me and tell me were to find material for my expo project

  3. I want to join science expo to do better to the world

    • Even i want to change the world into a better place

  4. I would like to participate in the Eskom expo science and make our country a better place

  5. Niiaryee

    Hi how can I take part in the eskom expo

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      Please read the post you commented on.

  6. Otlotleng

    I’d like to join eskom expo

  7. Otlotleng

    I’d like to join eskom expo to do better in the world

  8. Yes

  9. Sifiso

    I would like to join expo project competition

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      You need to register and upload your project documents to take part.

  10. Ethel


    • I would really appreciate if you accept me as one of your young scientists.

      • JeVanne Gibbs

        Hi, you need to register to take part.

  11. Sihle

    I would like to share my super ordinary ideas with the world cause I ofcause want to benefit but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan for the world I want to save the world from ozone depletion which is why most of my of my ideas use solar energy.and I have an idea of a new source of energy contact me on 0783796984 if you want to hear more of my invention

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      You need to register and upload your project documents to take part.

  12. Science expo is etremely good

  13. Digashu Tumelo Duncan

    I would like to join and participate in the Eskom Expo Science and become a dynamic addition to this establishment.

  14. Gomotsegang mogotsi

    I would like to participate on the expo
    Maybe it could help and make me a better person

  15. Muhammed Farouk Hayat

    I got silver position
    This year in 2023
    Do I still go to second round or no
    Pls advise
    Thanking u in advance

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      You can register and submit your project for 2023

  16. Penuel

    I like science expo because it is much usefully and helpful in many people

  17. This exposcience think can make my future better I’m loving it

  18. This exposcience can make my future better I’m loving it

  19. Can I also join please

    • JeVanne Gibbs


  20. Sibusiso Skhosana

    I will be happy to make things that the world will like

  21. Mr. Njabulo Mhlongo

    When is the regional Science Expo in Nelspruit? We just did Internal Science Expo to prepare our Grade 6 and 7 to participate in the Regional Eskom Science Expo

  22. I like been in Eskom Epxo because i want to stand by own and eat my own money and talking care of my family

  23. Vincent Thokozani Bapela

    This Expo Science can make my Future prite

  24. I would like to participate to the Expo Competitions because i would like share my Powerfull ideas to you and show that i am a really scientist because my brilient will make a really beatifull change

  25. Hi I want to register for science expo I want to enroll for the competition

    • JeVanne Gibbs

      The registration tab is on the home page.

  26. dorca

    can you register as pairs online

  27. Bongi

    I would like to participate in science expo how can I register for the science expo

  28. Raophala mpho Gillian

    I would like to change our world

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